We live in a virtual world

Yeah we do, yeah we do…

IMG_0218The virtual art world has been promoted. When faced with limitations on travel and human interaction, sites like Google Arts & Culture has offers thousands of virtual museums visits, many including online tours that allow a simulated pedestrian experience. Continue reading “We live in a virtual world”


The whole is greater

In the Gestalt school of psychological thought, the mind and brain condense environmental stimuli to see them in their simplest form. The idea is that the whole — that which is seen– is of greater value than the processing of each individual part. This theorem can reach beyond basic perception and Steve Prince’s The¬†Links work gives us an example of Gestalt in art form.


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Thank you, Herb and Dorothy Vogel


An exciting find: Don Judd’s Untitled work from 1965, a piece from the Vogel collection on exhibit at the National Gallery of Art, East Building.

Abstract art is the kind of experience that challenges a viewer to find words to describe. Minimalism, the art movement based on simple forms, may pose the starkest of these challenges. Continue reading “Thank you, Herb and Dorothy Vogel”

Color biographies

IMG_2032Everyone’s got a story. And, in “The Secret Lives of Color”, Kassia St. Clair gives colors with names befitting those delightful paint squares their autobiographical due. There’s White with some of its cousins including Lead White, Ivory, Silver, Whitewash, Isabelline, Chalk, Beige and Red with its associates Scarlet, Cochineal, Vermillion, Rossa corsa, Hematite, Madder, and Dragon’s blood for example.

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Gibsonian optics brought to life in the sculpture of Fred Eversley

An inviting pool, expectation of ripples if one were to touch. Structured resin becomes fluid and inviting.

J.J. Gibson outlined a radical approach to optics in his 1979 book The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception. In order to perceive the structure of space, we need just one thing: light.¬† Continue reading “Gibsonian optics brought to life in the sculpture of Fred Eversley”